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Fintech Digital shall StreamlineSpearheadImprove your Business with a Digital Approach.


Who We Are

Digitally transformed work can be good: increased mobility, less need of a dedicated work space infrastructure, increased productivity from new tools; and the list goes on…

Fintech Digital (Pvt) Ltd was established with the mindset of introducing revolutionized innovations in Sri Lanka. We are an innovative and seasoned group with futuristic ideas to promote goodwill to both our Clients and Public; with the vision of contributing to the Economy and Development of Sri Lanka and global outreach. We are individuals with a combination of experience and exposure in the Financial Industry; having a depth understanding of market needs and having the urge to bring-in ground breaking results to industries.

Our SERVICES and are two proud products of Fintech Digital Pvt Ltd where these products shall provide Fintech innovations to the Banking and Finance community of Sri Lanka. Furthermore, we firmly believe that it will create a new revolution to the Finance system and economy of Sri Lanka.

Clobe was formed to design innovative and creative websites to our Clients. Clobe does not build plain or unfurnished websites but solid websites to draw the attention for our Clients where they could outshine themselves in the respective competitive markets. Clobe shall be satisfied only if our Client gains any form of benefits irrespective of financial or non-financial.

We introduce unimaginable Scientific Innovations which would benefit the end user. Thus, stay tuned..

Our Work Ethics

Commitment, Attitude and Passion(CAP)

The combination of our C.A.P is to ensure that WE transform your Business to operate smoothly.

Responsibility and Accountability

Our policies are laid out to take-on responsibility and hold ourselves accountable at all times.

Modestly and Respect

We strive for modesty and respect to every individual or Client we meet.

Honesty and Integrity

These two key traits constitute a major aspect of our DNA.

Honor Customer Satisfaction

Exceeding Customer expectation plays a pivotal role for us. Thus, we wish to stretch our efforts beyond the checkered flag to bring-in happiness to our Clients.


In order to grow your business in the right direction, we follow a 3 simple-step process that ensures your business is fully-optimized on its resources to achieve the desired success in today’s ever the competitive business world.


After evaluating the current status of your business, our team strategies a set of tactics to achieve the desired business objectives.


Planning involves the pin-point consideration of the strategies with strong attention to detail in a bid to drive your business to the upper echelons of the business world.


In this final step, strategy and planning will be executed with high-precision accuracy to transform your business to the success of epic proportions.